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Items can be dropped off at one of our partner stores.  Alternatively, they can be mailed to:

Warm Hands Network
240 First Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1S 2G6

Cash donations, to pay for shipping expenses can be mailed to the above address.  

You can also email Anita directly.  Or you can visit our Ravelry Group and we'll try to answer any questions that are posted.

Shipments from Outside of Canada

We love getting shipments from International charity knitters and crocheters.  However, we have had problems with some parcels getting stuck in customs or being assessed large duty charges.  When completing the Customs Declaration Form please clearly indicate Charity Knitting and assess the parcel with a low value.  (Other charities assign a value of 50 cents per item.  Therefore 10 items would be $5 value.)  In our experience parcels with a declared value of $20 or less and identified as charity knitting/crochet tend to sail through Customs with no problems and no extra fees.

In addition, if you have a large shipment of items coming to us from an International source, we may instruct you to ship directly to the target community.  Though this means that we do not get to see your beautiful items, it does save on shipping expenses and hassles.  Please contact us before shipping so we can give you the proper final destination address. 

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