We ship about 4 times each year, to several communities. Our next shipping deadline is January 30th, 2017.  Items from that shipment will go to communities in Nunavut. 

Note: If additional shipping opportunities arise (free or very low cost shipping), we also send out items between our major shipments.

Our current campaign does not have a particular theme.  Any items from our Guidelines page are accepted.  Socks are in high demand and worsted weight socks in a variety of sizes are especially appreciated. 

These items will be sent to the First Nations community and distributed through the local health care centre and community outreach centre.

Special Message: Fur Coats
In Fall 2014, we received a new request for old fur coats to be repurposed into clothing in the Arctic.  We have already sent one box of coats up to Igloolik and they have been deconstructed and turned into warm clothing.  So if you have an old fur coat gathering dust in the closet we would love to have it.

Past campaigns

  • January 2017: Multiple boxes (6) to Cape Dorset and 5 large bags of items delivered to Larga Baffin in Ottawa.
  • December 2016: Sewing kits (35 kits) and 3 large boxes of craft supplies delivered to Larga Baffin in Ottawa.
  • September 2016: Multiple boxes to Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik School in Kugluktuk (177 pounds), Cape Dorset (44 pounds) and Iqaluit (60 pounds).
  • June 2016: Multiple boxes to Iqaluit.  Additional items delivered to Larga Baffin in Ottawa.
  • January 2016: Multiple boxes to Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik School in Kugluktuk.  Additional items delivered to Larga Baffin in Ottawa.
  • October 2015: Box to Whale Cove. 
  • September 2015: Multiple boxes to Iqaluit
  • August 2015: Multiple boxes to Cape Dorset.  Plus a large number of items dropped off at Larga Baffin in Ottawa.
  • June 2015: Multiple boxes to Iqaluit, Cape Dorset and Resolute Bay.
  • March 2015: Multiple boxes to Cape Dorset and Arviat.
  • January 2015: Two boxes of items were sent to Iqualuit.

  • December 2014: Box of items was sent to Arviat, NU.  Box was 44 pounds and included over 130 hats, along with mittens, neck warmers and sweaters.  All for kids between JK and Grade 5. We also sent 50 pounds of items (toiletries as well as knit/crochet items) to the women's shelter in Iqualuit.
  • November 2014: We put together shipment of items to Iqloolik targetted at 10 specific children in that community.  We also have 2 large boxes of overflow items for general distribution.  We have also sent a shipment to Cape Dorset, NU, which will be distributed through the local elementary school.
  • September 2014: Iqualuit, Resolute Bay and Cape Dorset
  • June 2014: Iqualuit, Gjoa Haven and Pond Inlet
  • April 2014: Igloolik
  • March 2014: Gjoa Haven and Pond Inlet
  • January 2014: Rankin Inlet and Inuvik
  • September 2013: Rankin Inlet, Inuvik and Gjoa Haven
  • January 2013: Moosonee.  We also donated 3 boxes of items to Larga Baffin in Ottawa.
  • January 2012: Moosonee
  • Fall 2010: Natuashish (Labrador) and Sheshatshui (Labrador) - Campaign focused on sending socks and baby blankets.
  • In the past Warm Hands Network has also sent items to Afghanistan and Mongolia.    

Since its inception, the Warm Hands Network has sent over 5000 new hand-knit and crocheted hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, neck-warmers and blankets to remote Canadian communities.

Here is the January 2016 map  Map key is as follows: Communities we have shipped toWarm Hands HQ,
and Donors (in yellow).  WOW!


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